Saturday, January 22, 2011

Washi Paper Hoarder!

I love Japan and all it has to offer but what I find really fascinating is how they make these intricately designed washi papers and how they use it on their crafts. For the last couple of years I have been hoarding it like we would be leaving Japan the next day! 
I was telling myself I would be using it for my scrap booking but never really had the chance to do so. 

The other day when I went to the store to find some Goo Gone to help me remove the sticky labels on the plastic bottles I have recycled on the previous post, I stumbled upon 3x5 notepads on SALE!!!! so needless to say I bought them all too! 

some card separator that i used for the cover
Sometimes I drive myself crazy, if an idea comes to mind, I have to work on it like some mad woman that if Fed Ex can deliver here on base they would have earned so much from me for wanting to ship things overnight so that I can have them handy for my next project!    Jeremy kept on telling me to finish one project first before moving on to the next one but I simply cant, right now I have like 4 different projects at the same time! Im darn lucky to have him as a husband who lets me do what makes me really happy! 

I have been thinking about these notepads for the last couple of days now, so finally last night I sat down and started working on it until 3 in the morning! Nonstop, measuring, cutting and pasting! I told myself I would stop at a dozen =)

Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bottles

I always believed in the power of recycling, of leaving the planet earth in a much better way than we found it. I cringe at the thought of global warming, of all the floods and earthquakes hitting all of us in different parts of the world. I make sure we bring green bags whenever we go grocery shopping and if we dont, I avoid buying trash bags(except for parties) and use those plastic bags to throw the trash in, thankfully Jeremy never complains that instead of bringing down one big bag, he brings down ten small bags!

While I was growing up I remember my mother patiently washing all the plastic bags and using them again.  I never did quite understand her before, all that time consumed on washing those plastic bags was kinda crazy for me.  Little did I know that in her own little way, she was instilling in us the value of recycling, of doing your part to make the world a better place for future generations.  She was so into "saving'' almost anything for some future unknown use that my brothers and I make fun of her. I thought she was a borderline hoarder back then but when I was able to take a peek at the show "Hoarders", I got so much respect for her!

So anyways, my dear Aunt Helen moved to another base here in Japan, but before she left she bestowed my friend Mai and I some house decors and stuff but she also gave me 3 bags of soap, mouthwash and hair conditioner.  It didn't hit me until last week on whats the best way i can use them creatively! So here it is...
Flower Shaped Sequins
Buttons I am planning to use for some flowers


Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Kitty Magnets

The last couple of days I  have been experimenting making pillow boxes but I am not getting satisfactory results to actually post the outcome here, so I went back making more hello kitty magnets and more faux wax seals!

The weather is getting colder and I've been nursing this cold for more than a week now. Im trying to be productive even though all I want to do is crawl under the covers and sleep all day! I am making sure I got enough stuff for the USO bazaar next month and since Jeremy left today and would be gone for a month, I got all the time to sit down and make crafts and not worry about anything.  I am thankful I have my crafts to occupy me or I would surely go insane!!!

so cute isnt it?
ideal for valentines day gifts!
I love this the most!
I need to make some more envelopes

Wednesday, January 12, 2011

twilight fever

I was never the type who enjoyed scary movies or books so when the twilight phenomenon exploded, i jut shrugged it off but since i was lucky enough to find hundreds of epoxy stickers at a local japanese store, (I hoarded them all without any clue on what I should be doing with them) so when the opportunity came to join the Navy Exchange Bazaar, I made a bunch of magnets, cellphone charms, necklaces, stickers, keychains and bookmarks. I should have set up a video recorder in front of the stuff, literally everybody who sees them were screaming, most of them making comments that out of all places they would find it here in Japan. My friend Mai gave me a copy of the first book Twilight, but I did not start reading until I saw Stephenie Meyer being interviewed by Oprah, and since Im such a sucker for love stories, I got hooked!!! Jeremy got me the whole boxed set, I gave the book back to Mai and she got hooked too! We are both in love with Edward!!! For one whole week back then, I did not sleep until 6 in the morning, drooling over how perfect Edward seems to be! And every bazaar/craft show that Ive been joining, I love how people would come up, especially kids, sharing how they are enjoying the book or the movies and how in love they are with Jacob!!!

The other day I got an order for 10 pieces magnets and here they are!

The ten designs she chose

the epoxy stickers

big and small stickers, small ones for the envelope seal 

cut by marvy uchida envelope punch
Finished product

Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cake pops anyone?

My friend Ana mentioned cake pops a couple of months ago that she made for her daughter's party and I was totally clueless what they are until she explained to me the whole process and I'm like, "ahhhhhhhh!" then I went online and found out about Bakerella, apparently it is the "IT" thing, she is like the goddess of cake pops and out of her passion came a book contract!!! I am not going to show a step by step way of how I did it, you can always just check her out, her site has so much more to offer =)

But after making 4 cakes to give away as presents and a bunch of cupcakes, I am left with top parts of the cake after you level it up for icing, so I've put it in a ziploc bag and told Jeremy not to touch it coz I am saving it for a project. Im supposed to be cleaning our house and doing the laundry and putting the christmas tree down but I cant help but think about that bag of cake calling my name, telling me to go ahead and indulge so I cleaned my counter top and started experimenting!!!

I found out the hard way, those kisses are not good in the end,
it doesnt set as hard as the other candy melts!
And the whipped cream cheese is so sweet!

Nonpareils, bought them plain white and just colored them with gel icing

butterfly, bear, pink and lavender sprinkles

Sugar crystals, christmas themed and heart sprinkles

pink ones

I made blue ones, pink ones and lavender ones.

I love them the most!

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

Here's to the New Year!

Ive been thinking since last year to start a blog where I can share all the crafty stuff that Ive been doing and hopefully I can stick to this one and blogging would really inspire me to take my crafts more seriously.

I am looking back to 2010 with a grateful heart for second chances. So many things to be thankful for, the outpouring of blessings were just tremendous! But its been one hell of a rough ride too. Ive seen a part of myself that I didnt know exist. Im glad Im standing still, I would take all the lessons Ive learned and move forward with my life and welcome each day with a renewed sense of awe for the gift of life. Looking forward to an amazing 2011!

One of the reasons this year would be so great, my dear Denise gave birth to Yllac on christmas eve. Cant wait to see him and hold him! Denise and her hubby Jayson are one of my treasured friends, I am really thankful for the gift of their friendship.
And my dear friend Ailene really celebrated 
the new year with us with a big bang of an announcement, shes giving birth to a sweet little angel in April, so excited to be a godmother again! But since i have 5 nephews and all of my friends are giving birth to boys, Im really looking forward to this one! Im excited to buy girly stuff for a change! I think this one would be so spoiled!

So here's to a new year, filled with so many projects,much hope,
 love and bundle of joys! 

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