Thursday, January 6, 2011

Cake pops anyone?

My friend Ana mentioned cake pops a couple of months ago that she made for her daughter's party and I was totally clueless what they are until she explained to me the whole process and I'm like, "ahhhhhhhh!" then I went online and found out about Bakerella, apparently it is the "IT" thing, she is like the goddess of cake pops and out of her passion came a book contract!!! I am not going to show a step by step way of how I did it, you can always just check her out, her site has so much more to offer =)

But after making 4 cakes to give away as presents and a bunch of cupcakes, I am left with top parts of the cake after you level it up for icing, so I've put it in a ziploc bag and told Jeremy not to touch it coz I am saving it for a project. Im supposed to be cleaning our house and doing the laundry and putting the christmas tree down but I cant help but think about that bag of cake calling my name, telling me to go ahead and indulge so I cleaned my counter top and started experimenting!!!

I found out the hard way, those kisses are not good in the end,
it doesnt set as hard as the other candy melts!
And the whipped cream cheese is so sweet!

Nonpareils, bought them plain white and just colored them with gel icing

butterfly, bear, pink and lavender sprinkles

Sugar crystals, christmas themed and heart sprinkles

pink ones

I made blue ones, pink ones and lavender ones.

I love them the most!

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