Tuesday, January 18, 2011

Hello Kitty Magnets

The last couple of days I  have been experimenting making pillow boxes but I am not getting satisfactory results to actually post the outcome here, so I went back making more hello kitty magnets and more faux wax seals!

The weather is getting colder and I've been nursing this cold for more than a week now. Im trying to be productive even though all I want to do is crawl under the covers and sleep all day! I am making sure I got enough stuff for the USO bazaar next month and since Jeremy left today and would be gone for a month, I got all the time to sit down and make crafts and not worry about anything.  I am thankful I have my crafts to occupy me or I would surely go insane!!!

so cute isnt it?
ideal for valentines day gifts!
I love this the most!
I need to make some more envelopes

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