Thursday, January 20, 2011

Recycled Plastic Bottles

I always believed in the power of recycling, of leaving the planet earth in a much better way than we found it. I cringe at the thought of global warming, of all the floods and earthquakes hitting all of us in different parts of the world. I make sure we bring green bags whenever we go grocery shopping and if we dont, I avoid buying trash bags(except for parties) and use those plastic bags to throw the trash in, thankfully Jeremy never complains that instead of bringing down one big bag, he brings down ten small bags!

While I was growing up I remember my mother patiently washing all the plastic bags and using them again.  I never did quite understand her before, all that time consumed on washing those plastic bags was kinda crazy for me.  Little did I know that in her own little way, she was instilling in us the value of recycling, of doing your part to make the world a better place for future generations.  She was so into "saving'' almost anything for some future unknown use that my brothers and I make fun of her. I thought she was a borderline hoarder back then but when I was able to take a peek at the show "Hoarders", I got so much respect for her!

So anyways, my dear Aunt Helen moved to another base here in Japan, but before she left she bestowed my friend Mai and I some house decors and stuff but she also gave me 3 bags of soap, mouthwash and hair conditioner.  It didn't hit me until last week on whats the best way i can use them creatively! So here it is...
Flower Shaped Sequins
Buttons I am planning to use for some flowers


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  1. There are tons of uses, including: Walkways, jetties, pontoons, bridges, fences and signs are increa


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