Wednesday, January 12, 2011

twilight fever

I was never the type who enjoyed scary movies or books so when the twilight phenomenon exploded, i jut shrugged it off but since i was lucky enough to find hundreds of epoxy stickers at a local japanese store, (I hoarded them all without any clue on what I should be doing with them) so when the opportunity came to join the Navy Exchange Bazaar, I made a bunch of magnets, cellphone charms, necklaces, stickers, keychains and bookmarks. I should have set up a video recorder in front of the stuff, literally everybody who sees them were screaming, most of them making comments that out of all places they would find it here in Japan. My friend Mai gave me a copy of the first book Twilight, but I did not start reading until I saw Stephenie Meyer being interviewed by Oprah, and since Im such a sucker for love stories, I got hooked!!! Jeremy got me the whole boxed set, I gave the book back to Mai and she got hooked too! We are both in love with Edward!!! For one whole week back then, I did not sleep until 6 in the morning, drooling over how perfect Edward seems to be! And every bazaar/craft show that Ive been joining, I love how people would come up, especially kids, sharing how they are enjoying the book or the movies and how in love they are with Jacob!!!

The other day I got an order for 10 pieces magnets and here they are!

The ten designs she chose

the epoxy stickers

big and small stickers, small ones for the envelope seal 

cut by marvy uchida envelope punch
Finished product

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