Sunday, February 6, 2011

Faux Wax Seals

Here it is 3am and I am still high with all the adrenaline rush for the upcoming USO Bazaar or in other words, I am cramming everything coz I only have a week left. I am glad Jeremy is not home, it drives him crazy that my abnormal sleeping patterns cant be cured with sleeping pills nor the more holistic approach, acupuncture.

I told myself I need to write this blog and move on even though it is not easy when you have so much options, its so hard to choose, I realized I already  have more than 90 pieces wax seals then you multiply that with all the possible colors I can make out of it (black,white, blue, dark blue, green, orange, yellow, pink, purple,peach,red) boy that was not easy at all, I was drowning in making the seals the last couple of days. I kept on reminding myself I need to start working on other projects. So I concentrated on red ones that can be used for valentines and baby themed ones since being in the military means babies being born all the time especially after long deployments. Ive lost count of all the baby shower parties Ive been to! And thinking ahead of the game, easter designs!

I started collecting the seals when my friend Leslie was planning her wedding around 2008, we were browsing ebay nonstop for listings and thats when I realized that bidding was not my thing, I should bid and forget about it, because my egoistical ways wont accept defeat and i would bid higher and higher until I get the item only to find out that the seller would list exactly the same item later on.  I got so hooked buying them and when I quit from working full time, I sat down one day and just made so much I dont know what to do with them, until it hit me to list them on ebay, I was not aware of all the paypal fees, listing fees and ebay fees when you sell the item, I was just happy to make them, I started selling it for $5.00 for 25pieces for buy it now option and only $2.99 for bidding format, and found out later on that the cheapest price online was 65 cents per piece,no wonder people kept on buying them. There was a lady who posted the following on The Australian Weddings site:

OMG talk about timing! I was just about to start a thread when I saw this post. I just put wax seals on my invites - they were pre-made self sticking ones, and they look so cute!!! I got 50 of them for about $12 (inc postage) from ebay - in my choice of colour and design. I'm soooo happy with them - couldn't decide between bells or hearts, so I bought 25 of each. They were from ebay seller: smithrj18
She was really very helpful, and gave quick replies. Plus, you could buy them from her for a lot cheaper, but I paid her buy it now price because I was very impressed with her service.
She doesn't do initials (as far as I know) but she does have quite an extensive ranges of patterns and wax colours - you just have to ask her and she'll send you pics.
The only complaint I have against her, was that the seals were almost a little too good - if you can call that a complaint   

And after that post that I was not aware of, orders just came in one after the other. Jeremy asked me then if I can think of other crafts that I wanted to do since I was enjoying it and now he is begging me to stick to one!!!!

There was a guy named Frank who regularly placed orders for all possible occasions the whole year and he was so nice and generous that he sent me I think more than 10 wax seals that he said he doesnt have any use for, so I told him in return I would make seals for him for the whole year for free and of course I went back to working full time then and I think up to now I still owe him some Thanksgiving and Christmas themed seals. I was really touched that he gave me his collection of seals. I really believe that if you put love and kindness not just for your line of work but for everyone, the universe would give back to you, more than you can ever imagine.  And if you guys are wondering what happened to Frank, I really dont know,  I tried to contact him through email so I can mail out the rest of the seals that I still owe him but I did not hear anything back.  So Frank, this one is for you, whatever may have happened to you or wherever you are, I remember you fondly and I wish that your generosity would be returned to you tenfold... I wish you well.....


  1. hey cuz! love to buy some of your wax seals, kung pwede lang! :) - richie

  2. Sally!!! I love it :-)

  3. galing! so loved it... and i hope Frank is ok... Sally

  4. ate Richie, Im your aunt remember? hahaha. which ones you would like? how many pieces? what color? Do you make scrap books for the kids or you would need it for Sebastian's baptismal invites? let me know and pm me your address.

    Khonie, thanks so much! I miss you na and I miss Cnt lechon and Leona's blueberry crumble!!!! mwahhh

    Thanks for the third comment whoever you are, I hope so to...

  5. haha! oo nga naman! feeling ko kasi we're all cousins. :)

    talaga ba? ano yung site mo and i'll order online :)
    but loaded ka at the moment, makadagdag pa ko sa pressure and stress. ok lang next time pag di ka na gano busy.

    thanks thanks tita! lol!

  6. hahaha, i know, confusing sometimes no kasi nga you are older, dont call me tita hahaha! ano ka ba ate, let me know how many and what designs and your address, you dont need to pay! next week maluwag nako, this weekend naman ung bazaar eh. saka super dami nako nagawa here, kahit nga 100 pcs gusto mo, mga 2 hours ko lang upuan un while watching tv pa.

  7. surely??? yey! for sebastian's baptismal sana, 35 pcs lang, in blue. sofia's bday theme is strawberry shortcake, pink sana, pero kung walang pwedeng design ok lang. :)

    super thanks!!!

  8. ate richie, ok na ung cross na design or you want something else? just let me know. id find something for sofia's party, sana princess theme, naloka ako ke strawberry shortcake, hehehe, gagawan ko din ung cousin namin on jeremys side, princess theme sa kanya. how many pieces for sofia's? do you make scrapbooks? im thinking what else to send you. id be using a small flat rate box, the seals wont take that much space at all, hindi ko na artehan packaging ha.


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