Wednesday, February 23, 2011

For Sofia Senen's Strawberry Shortcake Party!!!

I was joking with my niece that we should just use "S" for the seals  coz those were her daughter's initials and Strawberry Shortcake's too, instead of flowers or butterflies but she liked the idea so we went ahead with that plan. The letter S by Stuart Houghton is the very first letter seal that I bought, I am collecting it one by one as it can be really pricey and finding all the letters can be a challenge, I haven't found a seller who carries the complete alphabet, most of them would just auction it off at ebay, maybe from real estate sales, I am not even sure if they are still making it today.

I was under some delusion that Strawberry Shortcake was pink while I was working on all of these stuff! I just realized now we should have made the seals red too! I already made pink envelopes and pink tags and mentioned it to my niece that I would be making a pink topiary when she asked me if I could make it red. Maybe I  really am not just a big fan of red stuff as pink is my favorite color! So I made some magnets too with red envelopes. I've used the Marvy Uchida envelope punch and made the same stickers for the seals.

Then we went off base to a store called Daiso, it is commonly called the 100 yen store, like the dollar stores back in the U.S. except not everything is a 100 yen and its not really a dollar coz of the weak dollar versus the yen but it is really fun going there, they have all sort of things you can look at.  Over the years we learned it the hard way that not everything they sell will always be there, so when I see something that I can really use for the business, I buy them all, like the epoxy stickers I've been using for the magnets, I bought all of it and now I am running out of stock and I cant find it anywhere else, I am trying to make a deal with a supplier in China, hoping I wont get scammed at all! So anyways, I walked into the store and what caught my eyes were candies, different strawberry candies! But they only have 6 packs of the strawberry shaped ones, its funny coz if you ask anybody at the store, they would tell you that there's no more, sold out, everything else they say would be in Japanese and sold out would be in english =) I was excited to go home and start working on the packaging!

I used Marvy Uchida 1.5 inches round punch and Marvy Uchida 2 inches Scalloped punch for the tags. It wasnt the original packaging that I worked on but I made the tags a little bit too big so I revised it.
And the last one is the topiary lollipop with the strawberry pot!

Thats what I've been working on the last couple of days, I am lost in Strawberry Shortcake la la land!!! Now we just have to sit back and cross our fingers that the package wont get lost, the pot wont get broken and the seals would make it on time all the way to the Republic of Ireland!

Hope everyone had a great 3 day weekend! 


  1. You rock!!!!!

    love the seals, love the magnets, love 'em all!
    The seals are perfect!!! and the color is just right. Yes, i'm beaming! I am sooo proud of you. You are so good with what you do. I've been re-reading my earlier messages to you making sure I gave you the right address. I just can't wait to get hold of these stuff. I'm counting the days, really!

    super duper thanks! from an uber excited mom. :)

  2. hahahaha, ate cel, you are more than welcome!!! and thanks for your very heartwarming message, I really appreciate it when people loves the stuff I make, if I am a zillionaire I would just make things and give it away!!! I really hope it gets there on time, cant wait to see the stuff you would make out of the stamen! I need to sit down and work on my left over fondant before it starts drying up!

  3. The Strawberry Shortcake theme is adorable!! It all turned out so good!

  4. Thanks Aunt Regina, Ali's Princess themed party is next!!!!


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