Friday, February 18, 2011

USO Bazaar

I have just finished doing the USO Bazaar last weekend and it was surely a lot of fun!!! 

I've ordered the Twilight table cover to match the twilight stuff, I know I am crazy!!!!

Here I have the necklaces, bookmarks, magnets, magnet clips, keychains,photo cubes, photo stones, business card holders, tin boxes and cellphone charms

Its not just because pink is my favorite color but I really support the fight for Breast Cancer.  There was a girl who came over and asked about the bracelet with beads(the one on the left side), we talked casually and she told me her mom just passed away recently, I know I am such a cry baby but yes, both of us were teary eyed. I feel her pain and sadness. I can't imagine loosing someone especially my own mother. I pray that she will find comfort whenever she is wearing the bracelet and that she will eventually find peace and healing in her loss. I gave her a free magnet, I cant even remember which one, if it says faith,hope or love.

Yes I have a section for Barbie shoes!!! I just love it when kids are so happy seeing them, even though Mommy would say NO!!!! hehehe. Jeremy always jokes about me trying to be like Imelda Marcos, I really swear, I wont buy anymore shoes until the end of this year! and clothes too! But I wont stop buying craft supplies =)

I made the first 3 above. There was a family who always comes at the bazaars and their daughter really wanted the red one and her parents let her get it using her Valentine's money. That was my first sale that day =)  Then my fellow crafter Jen of Glamour Girls got the pink one for his son's teacher so I got home Saturday night and cranked up my Cricut Machine and made the red and blue below. I would be making a post about how to make these soon!


I love all of these! No two are alike! I call them Hearts Sentiments Magnets, its about love, friendship, inspirations and Bible quotes.  There was a dad who spent a long time sorting through them reading the messages one by one, looking at the small round magnets too,choosing the right ones for her daughters and wife back in the U.S.  I am thankful for people like him, very very thoughtful! I gave him 3 different packs of the clay stickers for his daughters. I should have taken a picture of the magnets he chose! The messages were so sweet! Im sure his wife would have such a big big smile when she gets them!

Hello Kitty magnets, Princess magnets, washi magnets, kanji magnets that Mai makes, even the adorable traditional boy and girl in a kimono magnet! And of course the stickers that kids cry for all the time =)

This is my scrap booking embellishment side. Ive noticed that crafty people dont really come to the small bazaars. I usually see them on the big bazaars sponsored by the Navy Exchange. 

All the mentos boxed candies with faux wax seals! So adorable!

Clay Stickers and some store bought stuff

Yokosuka Magnets. I am excited for spring, cant wait to see the cherry blossoms again and try and use Jeremy's Canon EOS 5D Mark II camera to take some breathtaking pictures.

cellphone charms and earrings

A lady came and bought 4, went home and came back again with her daughter and ended up buying another 4. She was telling me she would be happy if her husband would buy her such stuff and how he claims she is so picky. I was laughing so hard, i told her my husband complains about that too and I kept on telling him I am not hard to please at all, he can get a piece of paper and write there how much he loves me and I would be more than happy with that. I get that from people all the time, its so hard to buy me a gift coz I seem to have everything and I can almost make anything but Id be happy with cute small stuff, nothing fancy at all, or just anything pink!!!! Or a book, that never fails to brighten my day!

Hello Kitty, Kai-lan and Princess necklaces, I have to make some more but I need to wait until the weather gets warmer coz it requires lots and lots of coat of glaze and I need to do it outside and wear a mask coz the fumes were too much.

Mai's Origami bookmarks and Magnets

I made 50 pieces notepads and it looks like its not that much at all! Ive sold more than half so all my hard work paid off! I got some crazy ideas that I cant wait to work on, I would be changing the designs and would make magnetic ones and pair it up with a washi covered pencil too that you can also attach to the fridge next to the notepad for easy access! Im just waiting for the shipment of magnets and I promise no more crafts until next week when Jeremy goes back to work =)

My business cards.

Setting up for a bazaar is not easy at all. Its not even about the money, its connecting with people who appreciates the work that you have been doing. It warms my heart when people tells me how cute my stuff is, even if they dont buy anything at all. I really enjoy making crafts, creating something beautiful, expressing yourself, experimenting with all the colors. I always joke around that I need to start selling my stuff coz my husband would go crazy if I dont, that way I can sustain buying more materials.  Im just really lucky that I have a great husband who doesnt mind the mess of the house when Im working on ten projects all at once and who lets me just do what makes me really happy. Some of my friends would bug me about how low my pricing is and some even told me I should not be selling it directly, I should always have a middle man coz if I am the one dealing with them, I always end up giving things for free or pricing it without any profits at all. Even when I got my candle making business, I dont mind giving 100pcs candles away. I dont know, I guess I grew up in a family where generosity is such a big thing. And no matter what I always feel so blessed, Im always thankful for my talents and for everything that I have in my life, i just feel that I am just sharing what I have and it will always come back to me in different ways.

I hope you are at a point in your life that you are happy with your choices and if you are still struggling, just hang in there! Sooner or later you would find yourself....
Just keep on reaching for your dreams and don't stop believing!

Have a great weekend everyone. Jeremy would be home tomorrow after being gone for a month so we got some catching up to do!  


  1. goodness gracious! you made all these! grabe, kaya pala uber mo talaga busy! kudos to you girl. ang galing galing!

  2. Your product and display are stellar!!! It's not easy to set up and sell. I've done shows before and it is a ton of work. You have something for everyone and it's all very appealing. Good job! I hope you made out well.

  3. You sure have put in a lot of work here, everything looks so neat and well done, I sure hope you made out well. And my the way do you use a truck to haul it all? Have to send your post out again. Love ya Grams

  4. Wow ang galing! ^^ Ang dami n2 girl! You did these all by yourself?

    And congrats on ur successful Bazaar, ^^

  5. Thanks ate Cel, now you know when i say Im busy, how BUSY i really am hahaha.

    @ Mother B, thank so you so much for your kind words, it is indeed tons and tons of work! What were you selling?

    @ Grams, thanks a lot! We have a Honda Odyssey van, I load everything there, I scratched it really bad last weekend, I forgot something at home and when I got back, a truck was parked right by the gate, and this is such a small gate that you have to fold your mirrors coz it would hit it, so its either I hit the gate or the truck, so I opted for the gate, hehehe. We would just junk the van anyway when we leave, I highly doubt if we can even sell it for $500! Jeremy wants to get a car but I told him, the van really serves its purpose, we just pay too much taxes and insurance for it. Love you too

    @ Ann, thanks, but not really, some of it I bought na =) maybe 1/6 of it hehehe

  6. Everything looks great, nice work! Wish you were here so we could do shows together.

  7. Sally, I am an upcycler. I find things at the Salvation Army and figure out ways to make something useful from them......old chenille bedspreads into little girls'jackets, pillowcases into pinafores, and mosaics from busted dishes. I just started decoupaging with old magazines and dictionaries. I love old stuff and hate to see anything of value go to waste. So hope you made out well at the Bazaar!!!


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