Thursday, February 10, 2011

Valentine's Day Giveaway!!!!

My parents did a great job instilling in all of us the value of sharing your blessings and I always believe that  once your life had been touched with kindness you would never be the same person again, you would continue to pass it forward. I am just starting this blog but I want to inspire people one craft at a time and since my life is so richly blessed I want to do a giveaway not just for my blog but for my dear friend Denise too! I am sorry shipping would only be open to United States, Philippines and Japanese residents. You can leave your email address at the comment part below, you dont even have to own a blog to join or if you are my friend on Facebook just leave your name. Entries will be accepted until  February 14, 2011 at 12 midnight Pacific Time. You can go to Denise Katipunera's site too and leave your email address there so you can increase your chances of winning the fabulous stuff below worth $36 and dont forget to post and repost to your Facebook, Friendster,Myspace and Twitter site and please ask your friends to do the same! Goodluck!
A pair of freshwater rice pearl earrings

A matching bracelet with a magnetic lock

Washi Paper Covered Notepad

5 pieces magnet individually wrapped in a small envelope

16 pieces Faux Wax Seal with the I LOVE YOU design


  1. Hi earrings, you're so lovellllyyyyy! I wanna take you hommeeeeee!

  2. Catherine A. Smith
    21660 Erie Street
    P.O. Box 164
    Venango, Pa. 16440

  3. cool! i super love the wax faux seal! :) very good sally :)

  4. sally like ko yun earrings and necklace ang ganda nya!!! hehehe.. happy valentines sis! mwah...

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  5. sally its me vannie yun earrings and necklace po maganda... happy valentines...

  6. love! love! love! happy valentine's Sally.. =)

  7. keep up the good work, Sally :)

  8. thanks for the message!~great work!
    I can be reached at
    (the custom stamp lady)

  9. I love your work! I received the faux wax seals earlier this week and am very happy. And thanks for letting me know about your giveaway :)

    Happy Valentine's Day,


  10. thank you for letting me know about your contest. the cell phone charms I bought for our party were a huge hit!

    Nucksgrl (Christy)

  11. Yey! ^^ Just followed your blog--so many adorable things to see! ^^

    Blogged about the giveaway here:

    Ann, Makati, Phils.

    Hope I win, ^^

  12. I just can't get enough of that freshwater rice pearl earrings, haaay.

    Hope I win :)

    I'd love to have it as an advance birthday present perhaps, hehe.

    Keep it up, Sally. And please continue to share the gift that God has given you.

  13. hi, i just wanna try my luck
    i already posted this giveaway in my blog

    more power! i am now following your blog.

  14. Thanks everyone for all your kind words and for taking the time to join. I just got home from setting up my stuff for the USO Bazaar(Saturday and Sunday) so I would be quite busy to take the time to reply to each one of the post, still so many crafts to finish =) Have a great day!

  15. ey, sally! musta na? so, isa na naman pala itong produkto ng malikhaing imahinasyon at mapagkawanggawang kalooban mo?:) panalo k tlg! mishu! God bless... -mau (bc buddy)

  16. the bracelet is taken!!! hahaha! very nice my dear!

  17. This comment has been removed by the author.

  18. 2days left and its Valentine's Day na. Im excited to win any of your lovely creations,especially those nice pair of earrings :)

  19. Joining your giveaway! Hope to win!!!

    Min Viloria

    reposted the contest here:!/renaeh28

  20. Mau!!!! super thanks! miss you bunches, when I go home, lets go watch a gig!!!!

    Super thanks Claud(thanks for adding my blog), Wacky and Min. Goodluck to you guys =)

  21. this is it! Who'd be the lucky winner??? Hope it'd be meeeee! Hehe. Happy Valentine's Day to everyone!


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