Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Three or four years ago we received an adorable christmas gift from our wonderful niece Kailey! 

She patiently folded all those cute little stars!

They taught me how to make those stars but I never really learned how or I just need more practice! Her mom Melissa did the nice handwriting on the glass balls, she's super talented too! If you know me well, you would surely know that my handwriting is not one of my strong pursuits so I'm really thankful for the invention of laser machines,stencils,stamps,glass etching and the wonderful Cricut! I've had my cricut for a long time now and I dont think I have fully maximized its use yet. I know I need to clean the house and sort out my crafts but I found some wonderful hologram stickers and I cant help but sit down and work on it!

I should have stopped there but the Beatles song kept on playing.....

Then I started thinking about my friends names and their kids and of course my nephews and my family so there you go! 

My apologies if you dont see your name here, please be assured youre still my friend and I still love you =) there's only so much samples that I can make or Id still be stuck making them!

But since I'm such a crazy person, I went ahead and made another set....

YES! All you need is love, now are you singing the song too?

Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ali's Princess Themed Party

Ali is our cousin on Jeremy's side of the family and she's just so sweet! Every time she would call us, she would keep on asking when are we coming to visit again and that she misses us that all I wanna do is hop on the next plane out!

The above picture was taken one summer day in 2009 when we came over to visit, we were picking wild flowers and trying to catch fireflies, the sun was about to set and the landscape was so beautiful! I cant find the rest of the pictures from that trip, it must have been saved on Jeremy's laptop.

It was her 5th birthday last April and I made the stuff around March, actually rushed on finishing everything to be able to ship it out of Japan to Pennsylvania before I head out to San Diego. I personalized stir sticks for her to add to her loot bags.

 I love how it turned out! It's just so cute! The amazing thing about these, you can wash it and use it again and again! 

I also made the Princess Seals for her.


Snow White


Sleeping beauty

Princess Crown

I was not able to finish the princess magnets and the cherry blossom themed hair clips, I would make it one of these days and post it!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend in spite of the rainy season. 
Be safe!

Saturday, June 18, 2011

Washi Paper Covered Mechanical Pens

I told myself I would not work on crafts at all until I have the whole house cleaned and the laundry all done but the weather has been dreary the last couple of days and I need a pick me up mood or I will succumb to just sleeping all day. But on the other hand Im trying to find an excuse to just sit down and watch the whole 7th season of Grey's Anatomy! We got the Xbox 360 Kinect for Jeremy's birthday( I used his birthday as an excuse hehehe). I sent our Wii to the Philippines, out of panic I sent three big boxes of my books and personal stuff to my parents house last March and after playing with the Kinect, I dont think I would ever play something with a remote control. Its plain genius how the sensor works and you have the freedom of playing without all the wires and having to constantly change the batteries on the controller. We were able to enjoy playing it with for a couple of hours and totally skipped eating out for dinner since he has duty the next day and then the ship would be gone for a long time. Netflix doesnt work overseas and Hulu Plus was offered for free for a month, I told Jeremy we should just keep it since its just $8 for a month and we never paid for cable. He's been gone for a week now and I have not even turned the tv on. 

So I started watching Grey's and started wrapping 90 pieces of mechanical pencils with the washi paper. 
 I started glossing the second day. There's something about holding a paint brush, the slow back and forth strokes that puts me into this zen. I have great admiration for painters, their ability to create something beautiful on canvas. I just wish I am visually talented that way.
 Im glad I still have the floral foams from making topiary lollipops, it made glossing it so much easier!
 4coats each and two days later

So in love with pink!

 I miscalculated cutting the washi paper and the white part is showing, so I would just have to give it away.

Im really happy and so proud of myself for doing such a great job! I love looking at it and touching it, how smooth it feels but since im such an O.C. I am still thinking of glossing the part where the paper ends to make it more smoother! Or maybe its just an excuse so I can sit down and start watching season 5 of Brother and Sisters!
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