Saturday, June 25, 2011

Ali's Princess Themed Party

Ali is our cousin on Jeremy's side of the family and she's just so sweet! Every time she would call us, she would keep on asking when are we coming to visit again and that she misses us that all I wanna do is hop on the next plane out!

The above picture was taken one summer day in 2009 when we came over to visit, we were picking wild flowers and trying to catch fireflies, the sun was about to set and the landscape was so beautiful! I cant find the rest of the pictures from that trip, it must have been saved on Jeremy's laptop.

It was her 5th birthday last April and I made the stuff around March, actually rushed on finishing everything to be able to ship it out of Japan to Pennsylvania before I head out to San Diego. I personalized stir sticks for her to add to her loot bags.

 I love how it turned out! It's just so cute! The amazing thing about these, you can wash it and use it again and again! 

I also made the Princess Seals for her.


Snow White


Sleeping beauty

Princess Crown

I was not able to finish the princess magnets and the cherry blossom themed hair clips, I would make it one of these days and post it!

Hope everyone is having a fabulous weekend in spite of the rainy season. 
Be safe!

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