Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Personalized Christmas Ornaments

Three or four years ago we received an adorable christmas gift from our wonderful niece Kailey! 

She patiently folded all those cute little stars!

They taught me how to make those stars but I never really learned how or I just need more practice! Her mom Melissa did the nice handwriting on the glass balls, she's super talented too! If you know me well, you would surely know that my handwriting is not one of my strong pursuits so I'm really thankful for the invention of laser machines,stencils,stamps,glass etching and the wonderful Cricut! I've had my cricut for a long time now and I dont think I have fully maximized its use yet. I know I need to clean the house and sort out my crafts but I found some wonderful hologram stickers and I cant help but sit down and work on it!

I should have stopped there but the Beatles song kept on playing.....

Then I started thinking about my friends names and their kids and of course my nephews and my family so there you go! 

My apologies if you dont see your name here, please be assured youre still my friend and I still love you =) there's only so much samples that I can make or Id still be stuck making them!

But since I'm such a crazy person, I went ahead and made another set....

YES! All you need is love, now are you singing the song too?


  1. really nice sally :) your christmas tree will look gorgeous with these ornaments. :) love them! - cel

  2. Love it Sally! :-) Years ago I wanted to make similar to the one your neice made but those transparent Christmas balls cost way too much here.

    Merry Christmas (6 months late or 6 months early) :-)

  3. Khonie, every year I kept on waiting for those clear ones to go on sale but never really had any luck! Do you know how to fold those stars?

    Hahaha. Merry Christmas, lets says 6 months early!


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