Sunday, July 3, 2011

Alphabet Magnets

I have been working with magnets for years now and the type I was using was a really great quality for a flat one, the best I can find, out in the market, so I have never thrown the excess parts and collected it, promising myself one of these days I would do something with them.
I have more stashed away somewhere. 

I was watching Brothers and Sisters and they mentioned magnetic poetry, I would love to do that but it is more time consuming to type and think of words, Im thinking of doing a Twilight themed one when Im not too busy so instead I went ahead and typed the alphabet. I was thinking about these concept around March when I was teaching the Japanese kids, for them to learn how to spell in a fun way and to familiarize them with the alphabet. 

Since the magnets are not flimsy at all, I have to use an industrial paper cutter, plain old scissors cant get the job done. When I did the graphics, I did a .75x.75 inch and used 40 as font. It is challenging to cut it all out and to make sure that they are all the same size but patience is indeed a virtue!

After the first set, I started asking myself, what was I thinking? Certainly cutting whole words would be easier than individual letters! But I went ahead and made some more when I realized nobody can use just one set of upper case and lower case!
Then I did some more....
 We love our nephew Sean, he started kindergarten this year. He was born the month and year we got married and he has been such a great  kid. He is so funny, when he was around two years old, every white guy he would see at the mall, he calls them "Jermy Meat" (my husband's name is Jeremy and our last name is Smith).
I went ahead and personalized the tin can.
I was so eager to take pictures even though I was not done cutting the letters..
I know the rectangular one looks nicer but to save me time and more magnets I went ahead and used the round ones

It already has a magnet attached to the base.

I realized I need some punctuation marks at the end of Happy Birthday and then I've thought I need numbers and symbols and would one set of numbers be enough? So many choices! Now, if you will excuse me, I have some more editing and cutting to do!


  1. hello sally! you can make small invites din siguro with your flat magnets. I've seen some online. pwede mo din i-market :) - cel

  2. ate cel, I actually make them =) thanks for the suggestion though. I made some for Ailene's baptismal keepsake, it got to London less than two weeks!

  3. You have so many materials! Where do you get them? I'd love to volunteer as your assistant! Hahaha

  4. Khonie, from US, China, Philippines, and here in Japan, mostly online too! Oh the wonders of online shopping, click, and click and more clicks, hahaha! Id love to have you over, I can certainly use your artistic inputs! Just a warning you would be sleeping next to boxes and boxes of crafts, hehehehe! Are you still bringing your lunch to work? hehehe, better save up for that air fare, we got two more years here! Come over next march!


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