Thursday, July 7, 2011

Bygel Rails from Ikea

I am a self confessed late You tube bloomer, I was not able to appreciate the wonders of You tube until last year. Jeremy would sit for hours watching all sorts of video clips, trying to learn stuff and I was happy and content with my own little world until I started looking for Cricut creations and I was hooked! If I cant sleep at night I watch clips of people and their craft rooms and I would drool and dream of the day we can finally have our own place and we dont have to move every two to three years! I was browsing last week and I came across a lady who used Bygel Rails from Ikea with her punchers. We live in a two bedroom military housing in a high rise so space is really tight! And I have loads and loads of punchers so I went online for Ikea US branch and looked for it, it was just $2 each, not including any screws but they wont ship and its only available at the store. I was so eager to get some so I begged my Japanese friend Hanna to drive me there since its like an hour away and I dont know how to get there or if I get lost, I dont know enough Japanese to help me get back on base. She was so nice to bring me last Saturday!

I got 6 pieces since I dont know how well its going to work, although I paid like $4each.
I was so excited that I installed one right away when I got home even though I was so tired since I was not able to sleep the night prior to the trip and we have to leave at 8am.
I've installed it at the back of the extra room that is more like a storage room for Jeremy's musical instruments and my crafts. I promised Jeremy that the whole time he is gone, I would strive to work on the room, so we can transfer the computers and make the space functional where he can also shoot videos and stuff. Thats where I spend my days now, sorting paper works, shredding loads of it and arranging my crafts and trying to figure out where the heck am I going to put everything and resisting the urge to buy more plastic bins!!! It was so funny when I was in Ikea, I was looking at all the shelves and storage and I kept on telling myself, "no, no, no,you dont need it. What you need to do is minimize and minimize, no more shelves, no more stuff!!!" It is surely exhausting to be me!
The last couple of days I was not inspired to finish installing the rails but yesterday I got 6 big boxes of my stuff that I shipped out of Japan and those that I bought while I was there, I started to unpack and I got most of my punchers so I was so eager to finish the rails today. There's 4 screws needed on each one and being a navy wife I was so used to doing everything all by myself. We got the house January of 2007 and we were staying with his buddy off base in a japanese apartment and they were gone when we got the house so I moved all of our stuff. Im used to building big shelves with the help of my friend Mai. Im used to carrying heavy stuff around, shopping for furniture, asking other wives to help me out since most of the time all our husbands are out to sea. The very bottom one was not so hard but the second one then the third, I was wishing for the 100th time that Jeremy was home to help me out. It is surely not easy holding the rail, the screw and the screwdriver and making sure that the measurements were right. On the fourth one I was asking myself how come we dont have those power tools that I usually see on Extreme make over that makes it look like putting and removing screw is a cinch! The fifth one, I dont know why but it seems that the wall is fighting back and no matter how much I turn the screw wont simply bulge! So I decided to take a break coz it felt like I was working out and my fingers were so sore.
The rails kept on slipping while I was screwing it that I ended up scratching most of the paint! When It was done I grabbed some of the Fiskars punchers that I have since all the Martha Stewart ones were still in boxes. I think I would be needing more and would be bugging my friend to make another trip to Ikea again or better yet wait for Jeremy to be back so he can be the one to work on it!
I have to do sideways for the medium ones and for the door not to bang against it I have to unscrew the door stopper, it was easy removing it but putting it back was not fun at all. I already told Jeremy he would have to drill a hole for the screw to go in, the carpet was really thick.

I just realized why for the longest time I have avoided You tube. I dont like scary movies and I hate those silly video clips that has those hair raising, scream inducing, scary looking stuff in the end, not fun at all!!!! But yes, it is amazing, the wonders of You tube, anything can be learned, anything can be self taught, anything is possible! I love You Tube!!!!

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