Friday, July 22, 2011

Cherry Blossom Cake for Manet

Three weeks ago my friend Manet sent me a message asking me to make two cakes for her for a co-worker's birthday party, I freaked out totally! I asked her if she was sure and told her I was not a professional at all. I usually make cakes whenever we have a get together and they really love the chocolate cake. She told me she knows how much love and care I put into it and that it was always the best. How can I possibly say no to that? A couple of days before the party I have to make around 700 pieces of faux wax seals so I did not have enough time to really work on the fondant. I told her I would just make both as chocolate frosting.

I decided to start working on the flowers and I was able to finish the faux wax seals on time so I made some more cherry blossom flowers. I totally broke my Ateco fondant tools, so not worth the $20 I paid for it! The plastic was really flimsy that putting a little bit of pressure would totally break it into two! Im glad when I was in San Francisco last month Michaels or Jo-ann's had a sale for the Wilton Course 1-3 Student Kit, we dont have much time to shop, I was literally jumping from one store to another coz we were supposed to drive back to San Diego that day and it was the Memorial Day Holiday so there is additional 20% off for the military that I wanted to take advantage of. Each course was $35 each and I think I paid $15 each which made me so happy, until I opened the boxes here in Japan, last week and I was shocked to know there's only tools and those student kits were supposed to be bought whenever you apply for the Wilton classes. But I was so happy because it came with a ball tool, the old version that was sturdy that Ive used to thin out the petals of the cherry blossoms which made it so easy!

I made sure I made enough flowers to give to Manet since she would travel a little bit far and it was just really hot. I decided to make the smaller cake the one with the cherry blossom flowers. Ive left enough space on the side to make sure she can put the candles.

Then I made the rectangle one with the roses. Ive left the frosting out too long and I did not cut the sides so I theres not much space for the piping,my frosting was not even level, I was shaking and totally distracted. There was a strong jolt from mother nature while I was working on the flowers. It was not the type of earthquake that started slow at all, so I immediately checked the news for tsunami warnings, my Japanese friend Hanna called me right away to check on me, she knows how I usually freak out, so yes the cake could have been perfect than this but the circumstances really frazzled me that night. I dont know if I should stop working on the cake and get dressed and get ready to go down just in case there would be more aftershocks but then we live close to the water too! 
 Here's the cake I made for Yumiko last year, I just realized it when I was browsing through my facebook pictures, my rose was not that nice yet, it was my first time making them. My piping was so much nicer though! Oh well, there's always next year, Ive learned from my mistakes and Manet assured me everybody loved it, and that's what matters......

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