Sunday, July 10, 2011

Fall Themed Stir Sticks and Faux Wax Seals for Justin & Ashley's Wedding

I have not met Ashley but she is Jeremy's friend so I told Jeremy we should do something nice for her since we cant make it to their wedding. I went ahead and asked her what would be the theme of the wedding and its going to be a fall themed one, I have a maple leaf wax seal so I asked her if she would be ok with that and she wanted it in red. 

I find it very challenging to take pictures of the red faux wax seals, it turns to be glossy that the light bounces back and its hard to focus.
 I made 200 pieces of the maple leaf seals but only lined up the 100pcs.

I made a couple of designs for the stir sticks but we both settled for the one that the background looks like it's a real vein of a leaf.

Taken with flash

I made 20 pieces of the stir sticks.

Congratulations Justin and Ashley, may your life be filled with laughter, wonderful memories and so much love!

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