Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Faux Wax Seals and Stir Sticks for Chris and Olga

I was not planning on blogging about this but I took some really nice pictures and made some cute stir sticks for them and it would be easier for them to view the pictures and share it with their friends and family, much easier for me to upload too! And Olga is so sweet and nice, I would like for her to remember this moment =)

They were having a hollywood themed wedding with a touch of vintage and art deco, with my vast collection of seals, its kinda hard to choose which ones would be appropriate so we just settled for the Gartner Studios letter W in gold and she ordered 75 pieces.

Here's the 72 pieces and the first 3 below is part of her order and the rest I am giving her as samples.
Olga, the rest of the W seals, those are the ones that did not pass my standards, less than perfect ones, I was thinking you can certainly find some other use for it =)
I've started using a different packaging and it really turned out to be so cute!
 I asked for the date of the wedding and their favorite quote. When I was designing it, the graphics looked like it was Burgundy but when I was done printing it, certainly looked darker!

I cant make up my mind so I made another different design but I forgot to make the shade same as the rest, the design on top and under the names.

Congratulations Chris and Olga, wishing you all the best! 


  1. Rosalie! THESE ARE AMAZING! And the blog post is equally awesome. This is the best experience I've had purchasing online - period! Thank you for being such a fantastic merchant to work with and for knocking these out within hours notice. They are spectacular and are going to be such a nice touch to our invitations. I am always going to remember this and I can't thank you enough for making our special day even better. Thank you, thank you, thank you. I am a customer for life! - Olga

  2. Olga, thank you so much! Im glad you loved them! Im so touched by your comment that Im left speechless. I cant wait for you to see and touch the actual product! Looking forward to making seals for your baby shower and baptismal =)


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