Friday, July 22, 2011

The Story of Us- a series of postcards

I dont feel normal. I have not been sleeping, I have been working like there's no tomorrow, my brain is functioning like it would explode anytime that my pair of hands cant keep up with all the ideas my brain cell is spitting out. Did you breathe at all? I think I need that for a moment. I kept on telling myself I would organize the house and would focus on cleaning, but I would pick up something and Id be like 
"hmmmm, let me try that and see how it would work''. And it wont be long and I am lost between the mountains of craft supplies I have pulled out of everywhere and I completely lose sight that I was supposed to be cleaning and not making more mess.

I have been so addicted working on hologram stickers, there's something about it that draws me in, the way the light reflects on it, how it changes colors, its just amazing. I am inspired to make this project from my Love in a Frame and Personalized Christmas Ornaments post. 
I was cleaning and found 5 frames that I have not used so I started cranking my dear Cricut machine.
The first designs that I made, I attached it directly to the frame but later on inserted white post cards behind it to get better pictures.

And then I decided to do a series of postcards.

The Meeting

The First Date

The First Kiss

The Proposal

The Wedding

The Honeymoon

Aren't those so adorable? I cant stop admiring it that I took more pics using the frames!

And then I did some more....

I dont know why, but these made me sentimental. Ahhh, love, the beauty of falling in love, the butterflies in your stomach, the memories of first kiss, it gives me such a warm feeling deep inside. 
I hope these images made you smile and made you take a trip back down to memory lane....

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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