Sunday, July 31, 2011

Washi Paper Covered Pencils with Case

My dear friend Mai moved back to the US, we all got evacuated last March but they were not allowed to go back anymore coz their orders were almost up. I was in California and she was in Texas, we were able to talk for a couple of times while we were there and a couple of weeks ago when she was on vacation back in the Philippines, she called me up and I was frantically looking for the wireless phone, but no luck there! Good thing she left her contact number so I was able to call her back and we talked for more than an hour. Right now, she might be back in the US, looking for a house? Waiting for a military housing? Waiting for the shipment of their household goods? I miss her dearly, she was my constant companion all the time! We never get tired driving around, walking everywhere, looking for new thrift stores,exploring the next vintage find we can haul back home, shopping for craft materials and constantly looking for the next item that would inspire our creative juices. I never had a sister, I always longed for one all my life but I can say that I have been blessed to have found great friends like her. We got the military house here in Japan last January of 2007 and I saw her at the elevator, she was so nice and we found out we live on the same floor across each other, she told me to knock on her door if I need anything and I gladly took that offer and never stopped bugging her 24/7.  She was gutsy enough to drive off base and really encouraged me to do the same. Today, our other neighbor and friend Weng wanted to go to the thrift store and we were talking about Mai and how we missed her and how glad we were, that before she left she have taught us the directions on how to find the thrift stores. Mai is the one out of boredom started learning how to make the washi eggs, until I really bugged her to start selling it. I have been collecting washi paper all these time but never really did anything about it until I found all the notepads and the cute mechanical pencils. 

Two weeks ago I was on the elevator and saw somebody and I asked her if she's new and I offered her a ride to the post office, she already called a cab so she just waited for me there and I offered to drive her back home but opted to drive her off base and show her some stores. Her name is Jing. So from then on we have been driving everywhere, eating out all the time and if Weng is off, we are out the whole day.  When she learned that I am making stuff and that I am drowning on sorting out all the stuff that I have shipped back and forth coz of the evacuation, she offered to help me wrap all the pencils! I was hesitant at first but she insisted that she is fine with it and that she is really not doing anything, so I gave in! Oh boy, she wrapped hundreds of pencils!!! She made it so fast! She is so amazing!!! I cant make just one post about all the pencils, it is really a lot that I cant finish sharpening all of them, I am seriously getting blisters on my fingers. So for now I would just post the ones I have successfully finished, I was lucky enough to find some clear case. I've been searching for some time now! I think I am starting to believe that when you ask God/ the universe/ Buddha/Allah, it doesnt matter whoever you believed in, no matter what your faith is, it will magically be there for you! I was really ecstatic about that find, I wish it is easy to sharpen all the pencils so I can take pics of all of it at once. I dont even want to sell it! It's all so pretty! so here it goes....

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