Tuesday, September 20, 2011

Canon 60D, Photography Classes and some updates!

Its been a while since I last posted something crafty in here but I was working on so much stuff that I would have projects to post everyday if only I would have the time. I am starting to think that I cant handle everything all at once and that I have more than my share of what I can chew. I am enrolled to take photography lessons at NYIP, my unit one is supposed to be for 16 weeks, I should have submitted the assignments but I haven't even able to open the books, unit two and three already came and the more that I got overwhelmed. Im busy with local craft shows, orders for parties and weddings, both local and online, babysitting after school hours, 3 wonderful kids who loves to help me with my crafts so thats a bonus and on top of that, trying to be a good wife! Jeremy was nice enough to get me a new camera, Canon 60D, yey for that! Although I have so much to learn since I am used to my NIkon D40x.

 We invested on a bunch of adobe programs, Photoshop Elements, Photoshop Premiere Elements 9, and Lightroom 3. I have successfully installed but no time to double click it and actually learn it! Now I got an email from adobe that CS5 would be offered to us for only $300 until the 19th of this month. I was supposed to enroll and take the class too but the cost of the program deterred me from doing so. Now I am so tempted to give in, Jeremy already said to go ahead and get it since it would help us both. He has a Canon 5d, he was supposed to get me a 7d but it was not yet available on base and they have a 60d in stock, we weighed the options, and since it uses SD cards and it is lighter and  I love how you can flip the LCD monitor out, so we did not wait for 7d anymore.

Jeremy told me to walk out in the balcony to capture the sunrise and its my first time using the Canon 60D. Its a nice view of Yokosuka that we dont get tired looking at, although I wish we live so much closer to the water..

That night it was a full moon and it was almost red when we stepped out but I love this shot when the clouds cast a shadow over the moon.

 We went to a Japanese park last weekend to try and take pics for my homework but I didn't find any satisfactory at all to submit. Jeremy was able to take really breathtaking ones of some guys on their bikes suspended in mid air, I still have to lean so much, especially shooting using the manual mode.

I love this kid! so focused!

Here's one lucky shot I got of the guy on his bike. 

By the time I am done posting this, I have already placed the order for the Adobe Photoshop CS5 and ordered more stuff for my crafts! I have 10 days left till the NEX bazaar, time to get back to work!

Hope everyone is having a great time, cant wait for Fall to come around!


  1. Oh wow, you have a 60D and enrolled in NYIP! So green with envy! Let me know if you get tired of your 60D, i just might have some money by that time :-)

    Since you mentioned Yokosuka, I saw The Orient Express (US Navy 7th fleet band) play a gig here in Cebu last week. Pretty good! Ever seen them play? I believe they are stationed at Yokosuka. :-)

  2. The oriental express is stationed in Yokosuka. They are always traveling around playing music and doing community service for different countries. The 60d is nice Jeremy can just pick it up point and shoot and get a good picture then if he takes his time he can really capture some nice shots.


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