Wednesday, February 8, 2012

Personalized Stir Sticks for Jillian and Charles

Linda, the mother of the bride tried to contact me a couple of weeks ago, telling me she wanted to surprise her daughter coz she really liked my stir sticks. The wedding theme is based on dots, grey, pink and black so I made 11 different designs and we settled on the dots border with the 3 colours. I finally was able to take pictures of it today and packaged it up. Im so glad it turned out to be really nice and it was really great working with Linda, she was really appreciative of the work that I do and trusted my judgement on what would work best and she placed her order for 300 pieces.

I took tons of pictures since Linda lives on a different state, that way she can see how beautiful the stir sticks were  and I cant wait to hear back how surprise Jillian would be once she receives the package! I would make sure to put a note how great her mom is!

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