Saturday, March 24, 2012

Sally's Heartful Creations Faux Wax Seal

For the last couple of days I have made more than 2000 seals( you can view all of it on my other blog Handmade Faux Wax Seals) and earlier today I got another email from a potential client in Hong Kong who might be ordering around 360 seals for her wedding invitations and the part that I really really love is her motiff is pink! I am not familiar with the chinese traditions of getting married but my last client from there ordered 400 seals! My hands can surely use a break but I enjoy the process of making it, of doing something creative and useful with my hands and it makes me really happy that all of the brides are really satisfied with the work that I do. Its amazing how I never get tired making the seals at all, each client, each new order makes me so excited. Im really not a morning person but a new order can surely get me out of bed pronto! I surely put in more hours working on my crafts than having a regular day job. I really love what I do and everyday I am thankful for all the blessings that I have in my life. Im grateful for the opportunities that comes along my way and Im really appreciative of the support I am getting from my husband. I dont know how people with kids can run a business and stay sane at all.  Our house looks like a storage room now with all the boxes and craft supplies that continues to pile up. I am still in the process of sorting out everything so we can have a functional extra room, it's been an ongoing, never ending project! Its amazing how we ended up with so much stuff, I can actually stay locked up in that extra room for a whole year and I would never run out of things to do. I wish we live near Ikea, I would surely be buying tons of storage bins. I really need to go back and get some more Bygel rails for my punchers. But anyways, before I start wandering off a totally different set of topics, the reason Im posting is I finally got my own Sally's Heartful Creations wax stamp seal, I would have love to add "where everything is made with love"  but it wont fit at all. Its so nice how it adds character to the order.

Have a blessed weekend everyone!


  1. Great! You finally got one for yourself!! love it!! :)


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