Friday, April 13, 2012

2x3 Magnet Maker

I've been wanting to buy it for so long but never really got around doing so until two weeks ago and I really really wished that I have done it sooner! I am so in love with the magnets that I made! Every time I am taking pictures I kept on leaving a space for quotes, telling myself, one day, it will be a 2x3 magnet! I love the idea that I can incorporate inspiring words with the beautiful pictures I am taking and be able to share it with everyone and hopefully they will be touched or be reminded of a certain memory or a special someone.  I wish I can find the time to really work on all the pictures I took for the last couple of years, I have to go through thousands of them.

I ordered it from American Button Machines and they offer free shipping within the US so I asked my friend Mai if she can possibly receive it for me and then ship it out to us. It weighs 42 pounds including the boxes, puncher and 250 components for the pins. It is definitely a work out making it!

Since it is spring here and cherry blossoms are everywhere I took some new pictures and added the Yokosuka Japan caption,  just in time for the Navy Exchange Spring Bazaar this weekend since I really sell a lot of those even when I was making the old flat magnets

I've messed up around 10 magnets since the company's specification for the graphics size doesnt really help much so I measured and did a trial and error coz I have to figure out how to use the puncher too and how I can incorporate my contact info and all that extra added details. I am feeling really accomplished once I nailed down the right size and was able to produce this, it looks like it was done by a pro, better than the Legoland Magnet we have on our fridge that was made in China =)

And so I edited and edited some more and punched all day long, all night long till my shoulders are all sore, it seriously felt like I was lifting weights the whole time! Only it was more like hanging on a monkey bar since I have to press down and I was like holding on  for dear life whenever I do it! But seeing the outcome, its all worth it!

Im really looking forward to this weekend, I cant wait to see fellow crafters and regular clients!

I hope I can sell tons of magnets like before!

Have a great weekend everyone!

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