Sunday, May 6, 2012

Fumi's Gift to His Teachers

My friend Hanna called me up and asked me if I was busy and I told her of course I always am and that she knows the answer already but nevertheless asked her what I can do for her. She told me that Fumi would be moving up to a different room at his day care and he needs some gifts for his teachers. I told her no problem and I would work on it right away. So I run to the store to get some hand soap and some chocolates. I know Fumi is a boy but the teachers are all girls and I love pink, so pink it is =)

She sent me a picture I can use and asked me to leave a space so she can write something in Japanese.

I have some nice pink and blue message cards and decided to stamp and emboss a thank you note to it.

Ive stamped the message using a pink ink

 Also got a pink embossing powder

Tapped off the excess

Got my embossing gun

Voila! I just love the embossed look, its funny how I have so much stamp, so much embossing powder and Ive never really gotten the chance to use them! I told myself I should really utilize all my stock before I go splurging on more items.

I got a cherry blossom puncher and decided to use it so I can loop the pink curling ribbons through it.

Ive used a clear cellophane and pink tissue paper and pink curling ribbons to wrap it all up =)

I've added the tags and its all set!

Have a great Sunday everyone!

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