Thursday, September 20, 2012

Cupcake Themed Invitation for Aizhamae's 6th Birthday Party

My friend Ana sent me a message asking me to make some invitations, stir sticks and stickers for her daughters 6th birthday. Its a little bit late to work on a more elaborate invitation so I just did a simple 4x6 one since I would still ship all the stuff to California. Within an hour I was able to work around the design she showed me but since Im in Japan and theres the time difference to consider I have to wait until she's up before I can print it out. And when I was about to print it out, my printer run out of ink! I have another printer around the house so I opened that one and I was really happy about how much nicer it is than the current one we have been using,but for some unknown reason, it stopped printing green, so the first batch of invitations I've printed all pink coz the printer did a continuous job without any warnings! I thought it was out of ink too but did a print report and it was not the case at all. Hopefully I can make it still work! I cant wait for my laser printer to get here!

So moving on, heres the design that I've made, I just started using Lightroom 3 to edit and organize our pictures and I am still learning how to use it and I was trying to blur or cover up Ana's address and contact details coz we surely dont want anybody stalking her!

I suggested my cupcake seals too!

Ive used pink and lavender envelopes that I got from Walmart last year. I wished the box set is all pink but it is also assorted with blue, yellow and green (I think).

It is way too cute! Next post would be the cupcake stir sticks =)

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