Monday, September 30, 2013

Lalaloopsy Kisses Stickers for Aizhamae's 7th Birthday

I cant believe its almost a year ago when I made the cupcake themed stuff for Aizhamae's 6th Birthday. This year she wanted a Lalaloopsy party so I suggested the stickers for kisses chocolates. I tried to limit the design to 9 different ones but I did not realized until they are printed out already that I have used 2 of the same designs. I have to send them out to San Diego but I did took some of the stickers for samples and took pictures of it. 

I will be posting the other stuff I made the next couple of days. Hoping everyone had a lovely and productive weekend!

Friday, September 20, 2013

Pink Postcard Collection

Hello everyone! Yes I am back, finally! It has been a crazy year and I cant believe its been almost a year since my last post here, I surely have been slacking and I promise to be better at posting my stuff from now on. 

We finally moved to Chicago last July  from being stationed in Japan for the last 7 years and boy it was not easy at all! Sorting, packing, paperworks and more paperworks involved, it was indeed a very painful process, not to mention saying goodbye to my dear lovely friends. I have been very fortunate to be able to attend craft shows, make party stuff including baking cakes and cupcakes while we were there on top of all the flexible wax seal orders I have to make all the time and since we moved here I have not said NO to any RUSH orders at all. I have to put unpacking aside and deal with the never ending rush orders from my brides. I am truly grateful, I am given such a wonderful opportunity to stay at home and do something productive with my hands which I truly enjoy and the bonus part is I get paid for it!

So moving on with my new project in mind which has caused me a lot of headaches and wasted time on the phone with customer service and lets just say, its the company that shall not be named here, although they do have great customer service, and it should just be the case coz it was indeed a lot of heartaches and time spent editing using their software online to get it printed professionally. The past few years I have taken a million pictures of just about anything but mostly flowers. I love them and I don't ever get tired looking at them. I know I told myself that I would turn them into magnets once I get my tecre magnet machine but I still have to find the time to do so.  We went to a flea market one day and they have postcards as a form of advertisement so when I got home I started looking online and chose a company that I thought would be ideal for my needs and ordered 2950 postcards, they only have a minimum of 100pcs per design, although one of the designs I have is for the cherry blossom that really sells well when I made them into magnets so I opted to order an extra 150 when it was offered for no additional shipping when I checked out.  I was so excited when they came but when I got them I can tell the quality of the paper was different for the 2700 postcards compared to the 250 ones I got and thats when my nightmare began. But moving forward I finally was able to get them packaged up to list on my Etsy store although the pictures I took of them does not do them justice at all, so much better in person.

I hand dyed mini clothespins and used bakers twine to hang them up.

Single Petal Roses, took pictures while we were in Japan

French Roses, also in Japan
First 3 pictures, peonies from Uncle Kevin and Aunt Regina's garden in Cochranton Pennsylvania, taken last spring. Last one is a Japanese peony.
 My favorite picture of the rose, its just so pretty!

I also love the macro shot of this one.

The back of the postcard

I decided to package them up using a clear cellophane tied with pink  bakers twine and used  my Sally's Heartful Creation seal to finish the look but I did use repositionable adhesive for this one. Theres 13 postcards including the one with all the picture of the postcards below and I decided it should be the front so when its given as a gift people will have an idea of everything that is inside.

Thats all for today folks. Thanks for spending some time to read my blog.
Hope everyone is having a great week!

much love,

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