Sunday, January 5, 2014

Custom 2x3 Magnets for the Burget Family

I met Stephanie in 2011 when she inquired about the peel and stick faux wax seals through my Etsy shop, I mistakenly thought it was going to be for her wedding but it turned out that it would be for her daughter Madison's 5th birthday party. I always wonder where my clients use the seals for and Stephanie was nice enough to add me on Facebook so I could look at her awesome pictures of her fabulous party! I was in awe of her talent and she is one cool mom I hope I can be when I have kids of my own. I was joking with her I hope I can get stationed near her so I can crash her parties :) We haven't met in person but Im so blessed to have known them and her awesome family! 

I saw her family pictures for their holiday cards and I asked her if she can ask her wonderful photographer if I can use them and if they wouldn't mind at all, I would like to use them for my Etsy listings too. Well, too much orders and getting the nasty flu right before Christmas, I never had the chance to list them up at all! So I will have it listed for the holidays this year or do a very early listing for that matter!

The wonderful pictures were taken by Clover Creek Photography. I browsed her page and I just want to ask her if she could ask all her clients if I could use all of their pictures, they were all lovely! I really enjoyed working on these magnets. Hope you enjoy them too!

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