Tuesday, March 31, 2015

Neo Blythe Sally Salmagundi, Meet My first Blythe Doll

I first saw Neo Blythe dolls last 2013 on Flicker, they were dressed gorgeously and the pictures were all stunning.  I was a bit sad that I never heard of them while we have been living in Japan, to think we were there for 7 years! I've thought of ordering them but Junie Moon, their official retailer online was already sold out and I really don't like the idea of paying more and getting it on Ebay without the assurance that its the real thing.  Life went on and I have forgotten about them for a while. I love baking and decorating cakes and cupcakes but carpal tunnel syndrome is preventing me from indulging too much on them anymore plus I had developed an allergy from soap due to the the constant washing of hands and baking utensils so I diverted my attention to crafting miniature ones and I have pleaded with dear hubby to help me make a coffee shop that I can use as a backdrop for taking pictures. I was in the Philippines for two months and while I was gone he went on a shopping spree buying too much Barbie dolls! I have been collecting the furniture series and not the Barbie dolls for some time now but never really opened them, I keep on telling myself I will one day when we are done with the Navy and we are finally settled somewhere without thinking of having to pack and unpack and move every 3 years. I want to make elaborate rooms and set ups for those furniture someday.  

Two weeks ago, I was talking to a friend about dolls and I remembered the Blythe dolls and went ahead and looked up Junie Moon again to show her and thats when I saw Sally, the other doll Jane Lefroy is already sold out, I wanted to get her too, she looked like she came straight out of the pages of Jane Eyre novels! I debated about getting Sally, well we have the same name and hubby is in the navy. I was thinking if I don't get her, I might miss the chance again and it would be sold out and I will regret it. I went ahead and splurged and waiting for her to get here from Japan was such a long wait! But wow, Im so in love with her, she's so pretty and dainty. I love all her eye chips except for the orange one. The green one was gorgeous and I took another closer shot. I love her hair too, although its a bit tangled and it keeps on getting in her eyes. I wish I know how to sew, Id love to make a bunch of clothes for her! For the meantime I need to borrow some clothes from the other dolls. I cant wait to play with her and take pictures of her but I have to work on wax seals and stir sticks order for this week.

Have a great weekend and don't forget to play!!!

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